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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Moving to eQMS in A Post-COVID World

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Moving to eQMS in A Post-COVID World

Even though there have been lots of changes since the pandemic first began, businesses are slowly settling back to a new normal. In many industries, the Covid-19 outbreak disrupted many day-to-day tasks. However, for the most part, compliance and quality management requirements didn’t change much. In some areas, there was some relaxing of strict guidelines. One thing is for sure, the way we live, and work has changed forever. In the post-COVID world, eQMS is even more important and vital for business.

Importance of eQMS

An eQMS is vital to businesses in various industries because it standardizes and controls production and operational processes. The software design improves standards and helps the entire organization maintain consistent procedures across the board. More organizations are moving to eQMS software. Automated systems help meet quality standards and compliance regulations. This is important, but the software also helps give businesses a competitive edge. eQMS software has an immediate impact on the business’s efficiencies. Here are five of the top reasons to make the move to an eQMS.

eQMS Offers Greater Accountability and Productivity

The use of automated software streamlines processes and assigns tasks. The system helps increase accountability and productivity. These are particularly useful for the purpose of auditing.

  • All users are notified of tasks that need to be completed, and all the tasks are accessible from a single location.
  • It sends reminders for uncompleted tasks.
  • Users can sort their tasks by importance, which provides some quick wins for the QMS (Quality Management System).
  • Task reminders help ensure SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are adhered to and deadlines are met.

Improved Time Efficiency

At each period’s end, quality managers must collate all essential information. Arranging all of this information onto spreadsheets so it becomes usable data can literally take days. But with eQMS software, the time spent reporting vital information is reduced significantly. The time spent on manual processes is reduced. Senior management has access to live data. And any problems are quickly identified so they can be addressed.

Eliminate Waste

Environmentalists love an electronic quality management system. It is not only more efficient and effective, but it can save massive amounts of paper and waste.

Improved Document Control

Paper-based environments create terribly long review cycles. They are unpredictable and can be prone to errors. Issues with paperwork can also compromise an organization’s regulatory compliance and make it difficult to implement new initiatives in a predictable and timely manner. An electronic QMS eliminates most of these potential hindrances. Documents are always accessible, not stacked on the last person’s desk. And the appropriate employees have access to them in real-time. Plus, the software automatically saves the latest version, so documents stay up-to-date.


Every organization has security concerns. Manual systems put the information in the possession of a quality manager who only shares it if and when they decide it is appropriate to do so. If the manager is not available, it can cause lengthy and costly delays for everyone involved. When information doesn’t need a high level of security, it is often delayed just because one person can’t handle it all. EQMS software gives managers the flexibility to create specific permissions and access to documents. They decide who can access or edit a document. This saves everyone a lot of time and inconvenience. Changes made to documents are totally traceable. The quality manager knows who made the change and when they did it.

It Comes Down to ROI

Your company can reap these five benefits and more by switching to an eQMS. With everything stored and accessible in a single place, it comes down to a great ROI. Your company also saves time and manpower. But you also serve your clients with ease, effectiveness, and efficiency. Contact us today at Do IT Right and let us help you save money as well as boost your ROI with eQMS software.

Issam Mohamed Ali
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