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Webinar On Demand:
World-Class Collaboration Meets World-Class Information Management

If like most businesses, staff in your organization have become heavy users of Microsoft Teams, you will also have become increasingly familiar with a number of typical challenges. The content and information that drives our collaboration, such as plans and proposals, contracts, specification sheets etc. are commonly stored in other places and bringing them into Teams causes duplication, version issues and permissions challenges. Without a proper solution this is going to cause an information control and compliance nightmare.

Similarly, the folks that spend most of their day in Microsoft Outlook typically need to jump between applications in order to search and pull-in content and information, and save emails for filing purposes. All of this pose real distractions to users.

What if you could manage and interact with all your content and information directly from the Teams and Outlook user interfaces without having to think about permissions or even having to move any of that data? That’s where world-class collaboration meets world-class information management. Our webinar on demand explains what it means and how it works.

Show your interest by registering here: M-Files for Office 365 [SharePoint Online, Teams, Outlook]

Gartner Report

What are the leading Content Management products in 2019
and which is best for your organization?

Validation of key technologies by respected third-party analysts like Gartner are an indispensable tool for organizations that are reviewing cornerstone technology — in this case Content Services Platforms (CSP). In a market that is seeking efficient means for digital transformation, for tackling the ever-increasing sprawl of content across the enterprise and for the modernizing of work in order to align with staff expectations, the needs for CSP/ECM technology are changing.

In the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms (CSP), you’ll find how the leading technology providers are positioned to satisfy those needs. Among other things you will get:

– A comprehensive snapshot of the CSP market
– Forward-looking market overview and analysis of the future of enterprise content management
– Unbiased vendor analysis of the top 18 platforms with strengths and weaknesses
– Actionable evaluation criteria for potential buyers

The foundation of digital transformation lies in the ability to manage your company’s ever-growing store of information. How can these CSPs impact your organization?

To get a free copy of the report, complete the form below:

2019 Gartner Reports for Content Services Platforms